To Sleep In Or Not To Sleep In

Sleep in…
Now, the lifestyle of a professional baseball player is unique. I wish I could give you a great analogy or metaphor, but I really don’t have one for you. Most of our games are scheduled for 7:05 pm starts. Usually we have to report to the field by 3:30 for those games. I’ve got no problem with this. If you ask me, I’d rather be at the baseball field for 24 hours a day than anywhere else in the entire world. Movie theaters run a close second. But, obviously, that wouldn’t be very healthy. So, when the game ends at about 10 or 10:30 and we get out of there by 11 or so, the real question remains. Do I sleep in? Or do I rise and shine? It’s different with everybody really.

Some guys like to pass out right when they get back from the field and wake up nice and early at around 9 am. Get some breakfast. Go fishing or do something to pass the time. Sounds like Guitar Hero is the new fad to “pass the time.” I would get into it, but with my wrist problems I’d rather not risk pulling a “Zumaya.” Technically, this sleeping pattern is the recommended style and keeps you at your most alert. I agree, it probably does. But I only do this on days I pitch. Wake up and get a breakfast and then just sit around and do what I do — watch movies, read blogs, tweak my fantasy team. The good stuff.

But the other 80% of the time, I use a different approach. I do my Sportscenter/Baseball Tonight round up with the midnight and 1 am shows. You may remember the old advertising attempt ESPN made a couple years back where they would ask the reader/viewer, “What show do you watch?” Then a list of all the show times would follow and some superstar athlete would be doing whatever it is they do while watching that specific show. After I catch up on my big league sports news I get that overdue shut eye. And whenever my mind decides to wake my body up, it happens. I prefer to just sleep it off. I have pretty much all day to sleep and do nothing and then wake up, get some food, and stretch the body out a bit. By 3 pm, I’m usually ready and charged up to head to the field and get down to business. Some days I’ve gone a good 12 hours of sleep. That’s what I call a good night’s sleep. I know people say there is proof that too much sleep is “bad” for you, but I love it. Ahh, it’s the life. And when it comes time to pitch, I still make sure I get that recommended dose.

Besides, I’m a minor leaguer. That means I go to the field every day pursuing a dream. Sometimes 8 hours of sleep just isn’t enough time to get a good “pitching in the Majors” dream in. What can I say? I love to sleep! I wouldn’t call it lazy; that is something I am not! Let’s call it…being relaxed.

Final game of the Lexington series is tomorrow and we head back to Eastlake (Lake County home field) right after the game. That means we get home at around 4 am. With a 7 pm game, that means plenty of sleep will be had on Saturday.

I’ll get back to you guys in a day or two with a new “list.” See you soon.

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    Mike: GREAT game the other day–nice win. Sometimes the 1st win is the hardest and then the rest just seem to come along. To see your progress game by game is the most positive aspect of the season so far.
    Just keep the ball in the strike zone and keep on keeping it on.

    I’ll keep listening and watching. Congrats.

    Bill Eisenberg

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