Sorry I went AWOL for a while there. Some changed have been made and I’ve been adjusting to my new surroundings and getting acclimated with Winter Haven all over again. As some of you know, I was sent down to Extended Spring Training from Lake County. The main purpose was to work on my fastball command and regaining the confidence in my fastball. So I’m going to do that and then be back in Lake County as soon as possible. I’ll be back tomorrow to discuss the experience of changing locations in the blink of an eye.


  1. jeffeisenberg@monarchshockey.com

    Good luck in Winter Haven, Mike. We’ll be looking for you to get back to business with Lake County when you’re ready.


  2. de071649@aol.com

    Good luck in WinterHaven …..
    You will be back at Lake County very soon. You have a lot more ability and desire than I ever had or wished to have.

    **** E

  3. kjcx123@yahoo.com

    you will be back in LC soon dont worry. just try to put a positive on it. if u would of stayed at marietta for this season you would not even be in LC right now you would be preparing for the draft so hopefully that helps u put a positive spin on things.

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