On The Road With The Captains (Part I)

I’m back! Finally. It felt like I’ve been gone forever, but it’s only been 5 days. What a 5 days it’s been. I’m back now to begin my new series, which will follow our road trips. Every single one of them. Let you know how it goes series-by-series.
April 4: We leave for Charleston, West Virginia. Of course, I’m last on the bus, so I’m the only person who didn’t get a seat to himself (other than the person I sat with). No, don’t think I was lazy getting on. I had extra work to do. First, I had to pitch 4 innings of a simulated game INSIDE (thankfully) to a toy batter (like in Major League). I capitalize “inside” because it was freezing cold. Literally. It was about 30 degrees. Brrr. Well, after that I had to ride the stationary bike for 25 minutes, then ice my arm down. By the time I was done, we had 5 minutes left. Well, we got on the road and about 3 hours in, we passed good old Exit 1 on I-77. That’s Marietta, Ohio. My stomping grounds for 3 years in college.

April 5: First game of the year. No thanks. 35-40 degrees. This was as bad as it could get in our opinion. Boy were we wrong. Anyway, we ended up losing 4-3.

April 6: Game 2, sort of. We started the day by getting to the field only to realize it was snowing sideways! Now, we have about 11 Latin American players on our team. Each one of them had never seen snow in their entire lives. It was a treat to watch them go crazy over just a little bit of snow. Albeit, it was snowing pretty hard. Now, I swear, you’ll never see these guys this crazy and taking this many pictures. It was great. They were like 10 year olds; throwing snowballs, picking up all of the snow, taking the pictures. Well, the game starts and Steven Wright, my roommate is pitching pretty well, except for one mistake pitch that led to a “seed” home run that bounced off the Pepsi sign in deep left-center. Here, in the bottom of the 3rd. He pitches the ball. Pop fly to left-center. Nobody moves. We can’t see the ball! That’s how hard it was snowing! The game was called and we all went home. Frozen.

April 7: Finish the first game and play the second game. Here’s my day though: Lift at 10 am, bus to the field at 1 pm, throw a bullpen after team stretch, get ready to chart in the stands. Now, I don’t mind charting. I get to eat food and watch the game with not much to do. But I was wearing 6 layers as well as sweatpants under my jeans. I was cold. Still! We won the first game in a late comeback, but lost the second.

So, we are 1-2 headed into a 4-game series at Greensboro, NC. Hopefully, we can put on the burners and leave here 5-2. I’ll be back in a day or two for a blog on what goes on during rain/snow delays, with pictures as well. So, check in.


It looks like the elder Eisenberg brother has gotten the 1st W of the spring, albeit coed adult softball. Hit ‘da mound in 2nd inning in 30 degree weather last Thursday. Pitched 6 innings, let up a few runs, but many were unearned, won 23-12. No walks, which is key in slow pitch softball. And hit a homer, going 3-4 at the plate. Yo Mike, Top that Eisentower of Power! Oh man, who am I teasing, I just wanna be like Mike! Go get ’em on Tuesday.

The season is long, Mike. Go get ’em.

Uncle D

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