On My iPod

in response to Joseph’s comment on my previous blog :
Movies: The Untouchables, 25th Hour, The Prestige

TV Shows: The Colbert Report, Reno 911!

Music: everything except country. Mostly I listen to (oddly enough) movie themes. I also like rap and alternative music from John Mayer to Sublime.


Hi Mike. I was already to listen to your game yesterday at 9 am! when I read your blog. But I was able to hear it at 11:30. What a terrible day to have to play. Although the first 2 innings didn’t go well, I thought you pitched really well the last few and certainly held them to 4. How did you feel about it? Y’all should be getting some good spring baseball weather soon. Love, Aunt Pat

Greetings from Marietta!!!!!
I have had a tough time finding you. Sorry to hear you had a rough start last week but you will have that and now the only way is up. You are no stranger to hard work and I have no doubt you will work it out.The 16th did sound better maybe not what you wanted but better. We really do miss you and look forward to meeting up with you at a few games as soon as our season is over. Hold you head high, confidence Mike, you can do it we are proud of you. You are in our thoughts and prayers for safe travels. Always, Robin

john mayer huh? my mum would be so pround too! …keeper

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