Reader Feedback

Hey everyone, If there is anything at all you’d like me to write about. Any part of the lifestyle, game reviews, or even unrelated topics, PLEASE feel free to let me know. Just write a response to this blog posting and I will read it and respond to it. I’d love to get some feedback or anything you are interested in hearing about. Later today, I’ll be writing about how close, yet far away, guys like me are from Jacobs Field. So, check up later for that.



Hey Mike,

I have a picture I took from 2nd base looking at home plate from Classic Park, and one picture from second base looking at home plate from Jacob’s field. The difference between views speaks volumes of how far most of you guys are….since 2003 just Fausto, Raffy, and Ed have made it downtown. I look forward to seeing more former Captains down there one of these days!!

But if you could explain what kind of pressure, if any, is on you guys to make it to the next level, let alone downtown??

Mark fm Geneva

As a parent of a high school player, I’d like to hear your thoughts on training, lifting, and general advice you can offer especially if my son wants to continue playing in college in a few years.

Good Luck!

What minor league teams in your opinion have the coolest uniforms?

in my opinion its the Rochester RED WINGS, AAA twins

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