Monday Night Matt-inee

If you happenned to have ESPN on your television Monday night you would have noticed the Yankees playing the Mariners. And you would have seen nothing new on the Yankees’ side. More rookies. But, if you looked closer you may have realized Matt DeSalvo was that new face. While this may mean nothing to you, it was a big deal in the Marietta baseball community. As many of you know, I myself am a product of the Marietta College baseball fraternity. As is Matt DeSalvo. It was a treat to watch somebody I basically idolized as a freshman take the mound at Yankee Stadium on ESPN. And to watch him dominate was icing on the cake. 7 innings of 1 run ball. Making Ichiro look like a blind squirrel trying to find a nut. It was not only fun to watch, but definitely motivation to continue working hard. So, even though he probably doesn’t read my blogs, I’m using this platform to wish Matt all the luck and thank him for giving me the necessary inspiration to try and be successful at Marietta and beyond. He and I shared conversations “back in the day” and talk on the phone periodically. We are all proud of Matt. And if you are a Yankee fan, then, from the Marietta baseball community….You’re welcome. Now, it’s my duty to make it a future ALCS matchup of Matt DeSalvo vs. Mike Eisenberg.
I hit the mound Wednesday at Lexington at 10:00 am. When I return to the hotel I will be sure to write about the outing and give some insight into the Roger Clemens experience I am having since many of you now know he is working out in Lexington this week.



The ironic thing about this whole situation…a day before matt got his call up me and him were hanging out in cbus as his AAA team was in town for a series against the clippers!

Now here is the kicker, my last words to DeSalvo were ‘…Good luck, and the next time I see you better be on the big screen’


so mike i have decided that i am making it up for your next start and going to say the exact same thing to you…haha

Keep tearing it up!

I’m listening to the game on the radio. Jared Goedert just hit number 12. You might be writing about a W

Are your games broadcast on the internet?

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