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Hey everybody, I’m finally set up and ready to go with this blog. I’m sure you can get a good bit of info on me through the profile, but I prefer a more personal touch. I’m currently a minor league pitcher in the Cleveland Indians organization. Drafted last year in the 8th round of the draft, I signed and left Marietta College (OH) after my junior year. Although I plan to finish my education as soon as possible, why not leave on top I figured. The Indians produced a great offer and we just got done winning the Division III National Championship. Great opportunities and dreams come few and far between in this world so I took it and ran. Which leaves me here, sitting in my Holiday Inn room at Winter Haven, FL working my way through Spring Training with the Tribe preparing for my 2007 season.
Spring Training has been a dream come true. Hours on end of PFP’s and bullpens followed by more time in the weight room and training room than out on the field. I love it. Who doesn’t like coming to work at 8:30, leaving by 1 and playing the great game of baseball in between. Today was the first day of throwing live batting practice to hitters and, although they only allowed us to throw fastballs and changeups, it was a great chance to get used to facing batters again.

Anyway, I’ll be back plenty of times to update you on the everyday happennings here in good ole’ Winter Haven. If you’ve got any questions, just bring them on and I’ve got answers for you.

Have a great day,
Mike Eisenberg


Hi Mike ………… I will be “watching” you all season long. I kmow you are working hard and I am further convinced that you will be great.

Uncle D

Mike – I am in Paris on business and just got a copy of Billy’s email announcing your blog…we followed your season (stats) on the Mahonig Valley Scrappers site last year…and were rooting for you! The blog is a great idea and hope you keep it going. The entire Drezner family will be reading it and will try to get to a game this season to watch you pitch. Jeff

Hi from NH Mike … Good luck in Fla getting ready and more good luck as you get into the season. Is Lake County, OH the most likely team you’ll be with? Looking forward to following you this season. Jeff.

Hey, Mike. All the Memphis Eisenberg’s are following your exploits this spring and know you will show them what hard work and dedication can do for a ball player. Good luck and keep us posted on where you start the season so we can keep up, at least, on the internet. Notice I said start the season cause I’m sure you will be “moving on up.” Have a GREAT season and keep the blogs coming.

Hey Mike !!!

I am going to be watching you…give Borowski ****!!!



Mike there was a rumor floating around that the 3rd basemen at Marietta…taught you most of everything you know!

I was just curious as to how much he impacted you in your baseball career!


Hey Mike! Came across your blog after watching you in the Regionals last year at Rose-Hulman. I was the Rose Sports Information intern, so I was working every game. It should be fun following your career after those Regionals. Dan Remenowsky from Otterbein is gonna be another pitcher from that Regional to keep an eye on. I’m sure we will see you both in the Majors one day. Would kind of be funny if you play on rival teams again. Good luck in your career!


Hello from the College Park Bombers!

Can you share with us some of the positive lesson learned while you played your Collegiate Summer ball in College Park, Maryland? Any advise for our current players this summer ’07?

You’re featured on the web site under “alum” at http://www.CollegeParkBombers.org

Best of luck this season!

Grind it out!

Gene Bovello and staff

College Park Bombers

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