March Madness!

Hey readers! Well, it’s hump week here in Winter Haven. Throwing live to hitters behind an L-screen (although we tell them what pitch we are throwing) every other day until Thursday. Come Friday we will be on our respective teams and begin what you all know as the real spring training; games. Every day we’ve got our games and the 5-day rotation begins for us starting pitchers. So March Madness isn’t all upsets and Final Fours, it’s crunch time for us baseball players as well. The 40-man roster guys are trying to earn their spots on the Major League club and the minor leaguers like myself are trying to prove we belong. All the while trying not to overdo it since we do have 5 more months of it.

Anyway, for all you reading this blog because you saw the March Madness title, yea, I didn’t forget what’s going on. I’m calling for a Florida repeat and hoping to see a Florida-Ohio State matchup. That would make for some interesting action. But back to baseball…sort of…

Last night the first-year guys had a meeting on nutrition. Our team nutritionist spoke to us in what seemed like 5 hours. But it was good info. I’ve heard it all before: “Spread out your meals” “Drink lots of water” “No fast food and less caffeine” etc. etc. etc. But she had some good numbers to show why, because we know it’s true, but don’t want to go the extra mile to follow the guidlines. So I’m going to try to eat better. My biggest concern is gaining weight as I’m not the biggest guy in camp! Any suggestions?

A message to the video game crowd: BUY MLB2K7! Wow is all I can say to describe the game. I’ve heard plenty about how little there is to do in Winter Haven, FL but it isn’t even a concern of mine now that I’ve got this game to play. Not only is it addicting but the graphics are out of this world. So incredible the jerseys even blow in the wind and specific to the direction the wind is blowing.If you’ve got a thing for video games, especially sports games, go to a store and rent it or buy it.

Sorry there isn’t much to report right now, but hang in there and once these games start rollin’ I’ll be a daily dose for anybody out there. Thank you for all of your support, especially to my family. See you Thursday Mom and Billy!

Enjoy life,
Mike Eisenberg

P.S.- 300 = great movie


Great blog, Mike. Glad things are going good for you so far and even better that your Mom and Billy will be coming to visit you soon. Keep up the hard work, as you know one day it will all pay off. Let us all know officially when you are placed on a certain team. Hope you play somewhere in the Memphis vicinity.
Take care.

Mike, thought you had little blue/grey left in you from the Hoyas. But hey, I’ll give you the whole Florida connection. Between you and me (and all those reading) I tend to think that florida can beat the Hoyas again this year. So happy you have got this blog so that we can follow along with your success this season.

Mike, your Uncle Bill is so kind to share this great blog with his friends. We enjoy reading about your experience at camp, and what actually transpires between the lines.
Best of luck to you, have a great spring,and keep up the great penmanship.

you are a pretty good writer for a being a college drop out


Would like you as a guest on my internet baseball radio show! Check the show out at Let me know what you think

Mike so question with about a year of minor league ball under your belt, about how many autographs have you signed???

…and when can i start picking you up on my fantasy team???

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