Finally Back On The Bump

Hey everyone, Well it is a couple weeks overdue, but I finally got back on the mound after being sidelined for an inflamed wrist. I could hardly throw a baseball for a couple days because of a ganglion cyst in my throwing arm’s wrist, but I’m good now. It felt like forever before they let me get back to pitching. Anyway, I was scheduled for 1 inning of relief in an intersquad game. I threw pretty well (1 ip, 0 run, 0 hit, 0 bb, 1 k, on 9 pitches). Of course, that is only 1 inning, but it’s a good start.

Just keeping you guys updated on how its goin here. Sorry it’s been a few days since my last post. I’ll be posting more later tonight.


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Mike –
Hey, What’s up man? I believe you were a sophomore when I was a Senior at Marietta College. It was kinda funny cause the day of my graduation from Marietta I was walking up to Dyson-Baudo for my ceremony and you were by the Mail Room entrance. From a distance, I thought you were a friend of mine and I waved, you waved back like you knew me too. However, it turned out once we got closer that we didn’t know each other at all. Kind of a funny story I get to tell people when ya make it to the big leagues.

Even though I’m a huge Pirates fan, I’m pulling for ya man. Good luck this season, I’ll definately be following your career.

– Chaz Lemasters

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