Weekly Top 10

Hey, Every week I will be doing a Top 10. This week’s topic is baseball movies. Of course, people will disagree with some of my opinions, but that’s just what they are; opinions. I’m sure mlb.com would appreciate me saying views expressed may not be the same views of the writers of mlb.com. Anyway, on with the Top 10.

Honorable Mention: Angels In The Outfield, Eight Men Out, Bang The Drum Slowly, The Natural, Mr. Baseball)
Best Of The Rest: The Rookie
10. Little Big League (Griffey and Randy Johnson make this movie!)
9. Rookie Of The Year (I grew up TRYING to trip on a baseball and break my arm so I could throw gas)
8. The Scout (Nebraska! Nebraska! Nebraska!)
7. 61* (Billy Crystal’s HBO masterpiece)
6. Field Of Dreams (do i even have to say it? okay, i will. “If you build it…”)
5. Major League 2 (Rube, Tanaka, and the crew…c’mon now)
4. Cobb (few have seen this movie, but everybody should…includes a Roger Clemens cameo)
3. Bull Durham (can’t forget Nuke LaLoosh getting called to the big leagues from single-A haha)
2. For Love Of The Game (as a pitcher, it was tough to put this at #2)
1. Major League (in my opinion, the greatest sports movie of all time)


Mike – There’s another one that was pretty good … The Rookie (2002 – Dennis Quaid). He’s an ex-pitcher and the coach of a Texas high school team and agrees to try out for a major league team if his team makes the playoffs. No Academy Award, but definitely a good one. I’m enjoying reading your blog. Good luck as you head into the season!


mike a terrific movie list, i would have promoted ROOKIE OF THE YEAR up in the top 3 though…that may even be the best baseball movie!

ROSENNN BAGGER, ROLLLEN FULLER..and my personal fav. quote “..way to go RUNNN A MUCKER!

angles in the outfield would be my #2

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