Let It Begin

Well, today was moving day. Although most of my stuff is still on its way with the moving truck, I’ve got clothes and baseball gear to last the three days until then. So far, barring a pretty tumultuous moving day, it’s going well. They have put us up at the Radisson just across the street from our ballpark. It’s a beautiful park. I am anxious to get in the locker room tomorrow and start settling in, even though we leave for a 7-game road trip on Wednesday.
Anyway, I’ll be updating you guys on my outings, but besides that, whatever comes to mind I’ll share it with you all. From clubhouse experiences in the South Atlantic League to my weekly top 10; I hope you stay interesting and we can stay in touch.

So right now i’m sitting in the hotel room watching opening day of Major League Baseball (Cardinals vs. Mets) and cheering on …… nobody. Frankly, i just hope to see a perfect game or a no-hitter or some kind of great pitching performance every time I watch a game. I’ll let you all get back to your days. Talk to you soon!


Hey, Mike. I would like to know the difference, if any, you see in regular Class A from the short season A you played in last year. Also, did any of your teammates from Mahoning Valley join you in Eastlake?
Have a great season.

I’ll keep you updated on how it is different. the players that joined me in the move up include: Steven Wright, Josh Tomlin, Luis Valdez, Neil Wagner, Matt Meyer, Andrew Lytle, Adam Davis, Jared Goedert, Matt McBride

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