The Game

Well, today is the men’s NCAA National Championship game. Boy, I can’t wait. I know this site is for baseball blogs, but today I have something to say. Joakim Noah may be my favorite college athlete of all time. It used to be a tie between Allen Iverson (former Georgetown basketball guard) and Roscoe Parrish (former UMiami kick returner/wide receiver). Forget them. It’s been so long since we’ve seen a trash-talker in college sports. Kellen Winslow is the only one that comes to mind.
If you haven’t been watching ESPN, you just wouldn’t know. Here’s the laydown. Ohio State guard called Florida’s 2007 squad, “…good…” and the media decided to let Joakim Noah know about it. Noah has never been one to shy away from words and the look on his face was one for future ESPN Who’s #1’s. If only this had happenned before ESPN went crazy and started doing countdown’s like every sport went on strike. Anyway, Joakim Noah went on to say:

“Oh my god! He said that? Noooooo. I really don’t know what to say”

Haha, all I can say is finally some controversy in college sports Cannot wait to see the most intense athlete in college basketball take it out on the Buckeyes.


its war out there…and im a f*ckin soldier…

Joakim Noah is a loser I cannot believe that he is your favorite college athlete of all time he is a loser, complements of Jarrod Klausman

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