Triple-Knots and What-Nots

It’s nothing new to anybody who knows baseball. You don’t even have to be a diehard or a former player to know that superstitions are just as much a part of baseball as baseballs. Of course, I’ve got mine. You know what’s funny? The first two games this season, I totally forgot about them. Somehow, I didn’t do what I have always done. Now, that’s not why I had bad outings. But it sure didn’t help!
Just before my third start of the season, I realized I hadn’t triple-knotted my shoes for a start yet. How could I be so foolish! That’s my #1 superstition. Never hit the mound without a triple-knot on both shoes. So, I do the triple-knot. Both shoes. One shoe and one knot at a time. And I come out with a good performance. No win, but decent nonetheless. Again, 5 days later. Another good outing. It got me thinking about some of the other superstitions or intricacies I use on gameday.

8 and a half hours of sleep the night before a start
Go out onto the field exactly 1 hour before gametime to get a good stretch.
Chew 3 pieces of gum at all times during the game. (If the flavor goes away, 3 news pieces must replace the old gum)
Never touch the foul line when heading to or from the mound (commonly practiced by many baseball players)
Finish my pregame bullpen on a strike. No matter what!
Always use the far dugout steps to exit and enter the field.

They may seem dumb and pointless, but, like baseball, it’s all about consistency. And especially if things are going right, no need to change a thing. I don’t blame anybody but myself if I have a poor outing, but these are some things to keep my mind on doing the same things every time out.


dont forget about the black cats…watch out for them

ur superstitions are typical of a baseball player… im playing high school ball and already have some of my own.

for example before everygame i write the word “FOCUS” on my left wrist. another one i have is to get a drink of water before i go on deck. the last one is that i of course greet the field umpire before everygame (this one is crucial because i play first and its good to be on his good side. especially in close plays!)

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