Different Day

Same stuff, different day.
It will turn around. That I can guarantee. As sure as A-Rod isn’t going to hit 100 home runs, all streaks come to an end. That goes for the bad ones, too. And 5 starts without a team win is not a streak I’m happy about. In between each start, I have worked extremely hard on mechanics and changing things up for the better. I can feel the changes and they are good. But the results are a little slow to follow. Like I’ve said already, you can’t lose them all. Now it’s one thing to say I pitched horrible. But, it wasn’t all that bad. I did some things right. Like the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th innings. The 4th inning was a 5-pitch inning! A much needed one too, as I was positive my pitch count was closing in on the dreaded 85. But the 1st and 5th were relative disasters.

In the first inning, not only did 2 men get aboard on base hits, but I also walked two. I definitely did not bear down like I needed to when those runners were on base. When you walk two in one inning, most of the time those guys are going to score. But, if you hit your spots and work out for out, you can get back in the dugout unscathed. Not this time. 2 runs allowed in the first inning. Then, 3 innings are shutout ball. Now, we head into the 5th inning. I noticed the bullpen warming up in the corner of my eye prior to the inning, so I knew it would be my last and I was determined to complete that inning. That didn’t quite work out as I had planned. I’m not going to get into all of it, but they got hits and a walk, and 3 runs crossed the plate. So, I get taken out in the middle of an inning for the first time this season. It stinks to get taken out in the middle of an inning. It’s never a good feeling. Ever. Especially with runners still on base, and now the game is totally out of your control. But that’s how it went down.***** it up. Review the day. Fix what went wrong. Do it right next time.

Key lesson today: Locate your fastball and everything else will fall into place. My curveball and changeup were both great as usual, but without a good fastball (not speed, but location) they are practically worthless. The hitters’ bats slow down and they start zoning in on that offspeed and breaking stuff. By throwing the fastball for a strike, you’ve got hitters guessing. You?ve got them off balance. Most importantly, you control the strike zone. Easier said than done. But when it’s your job to do it, it needs to be done.

See you tomorrow…


Great insight and thanks, Mike. We’re enjoying your blog.



Mike, just keep focused and do what you know is the right thing. You are a great pitcher and an even better nephew. I see success just around the corner.

Uncle ****

Mike — really enjoying the blog. Keep up the good work. New to town. Looking forward to catching my first Captains game this afternoon!

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