5 Days for 1 Day + Spider-Man 3 review

Now that I’m in between starts, it may seem to the naked eye that I would have nothing to do. Wrong. Besides my bullpen session 2 days after I pitch, there is plenty of other things us starters have to do to prepare for the next start and recover from the last one. I’m going to run you through the not-so-simple 5-day routine of a starting pitcher.
Day 1: Day after gameday. Stretch and throwing program to start off the day. After stretch, batting practice will begin. As the pitcher in last night’s game, I will be assigned to the “bucket.” Not a glamorous job. You stand behind a screen beyond 2nd base and receive the balls that are shagged by everyone else. When the bucket fills up, you run in the bucket to the coach throwing BP and empty it. This is a dangerous time since you have to be aware of any screaming line drives the hitter in the cage is delivering your direction. During batting practice, I need to get my running done. Day 1 includes the longest of the runs. Usually I have 1 triple pole and 1 double pole followed by a quick abs series. I’m sure you’re asking what the heck is a triple pole?! A triple pole is a sprint-paced run from foul pole to foul pole along the warning track and back to the original foul pole. A double would be 2 poles. After this I go into the clubhouse and lift. Lifting isn’t too much since my wrist injury limits the number of things I can do in the weight room.

Day 2: Stretch and throwing program. Bullpen session. Today, I’ve got “Gassers.” I’m not sure exactly how long it is. I’m thinking about 60 yards. But, my job today is to sprint up and back 6 times. 2 of those times I run up, back, up, and back.

Day 3: Stretch and throwing program. Agility running day. This means that I do short sprints and lateral running drills around cones. The day after a bullpen session is the second lifting day of the rotation.

Day 4: Stretch and throwing program. Running for today is very simple since tomorrow is gameday. So, I run 20-yard sprints 10 times. That’s it.

Day 5: Gameday.

On a non-baseball note, I went to Spider-Man 3 today. My expectations were high. Usually, I’m right about my movies. Movies are as big a part of my life as baseball. That’s the truth right there. And I knew this movie was going to be good. As the opening credits rolled, anxiousness and excitement ran hand-in-hand. Yet, almost 3 hours later, as the final credits rolled, so did my eyes. I know I’m not a professional movie critic, but people who know me know that I may as well be one. But let’s get one thing straight. Movie critics never point out the positives. They only talk about the negatives. Sadly, there were plenty in SM3. What a corny mess it was. I felt like I was in a daycare center reading Red Rover. The movie’s main characters became so corny and overeager that it almost became annoying. The only thing that held the movie together was the seriously surprisingly and intense role Topher Grace played. His performance was real, and somehow the same guy from That 70’s Show pulled off an evil villain to perfection. Too bad he only appears for a small portion of the film when you look back at the overall picture. Anyway, go see it just to see it. But I give it 2 out of 5 stars. Sorry to the big Spidey fans. I will give it one thing. As usual, great special effects and Kirsten Dunst is always something nice to look at.

See you tomorrow when I talk about the long road to Cleveland.

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Hey, Mike: I’ll make a deal with you. I’ll keep listening if you will just keep poitching the way you know how. It is a long season and all you need is your 1st of the season and it will be all downhill form there. Keep the positives flowing–we are.

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